Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Defiant Heart

Defiant Heart

by Marty Steere



Our story begins in 1941 with young Jonathon Meyer, his parents and brother have been killed in a car accident so he is sent to live with his grandmother, who he has never met. He is leaving the big city of New York for small town Jackson, Indiana. Jon isn't so sure about such a small town but he arrives over the summer and gets to know a few locals after picking up a job at the local hardware store. Jon works part time over the summer to make some extra money for his grandmother so he can contribute to the household.

Jon begins the school year and meets Mary Dahlgren; Mary is the daughter of Jin Dahlgren the owner of Dahlgren's hardware store. Mary is by far the brightest most beautiful girl in school and Jon just can't get her out of his mind. Mary finds that Jon is also very well read and equally as smart and she begins to like him more and more every day. Jon is finding a hard time fitting into the new school and is picked on and put down constantly by the other boys at school because he is Jewish. Mary notices Jon is pulling more and more away from everyone do to the terrible harassment he is receiving from the local boys, especially hometown basketball hero Vernon King.

Before long Jon is let go from the hardware store, and Mary's father forbids him to have any contact with her. Jon is terribly disappointed and doesn't know what he has done to cause such an upset with Mary's father. Mary is outraged and puts her father on the spot and demands answer for his terrible behavior towards Jon. Jim Dahlgren tries to explain to his daughter that he is running for a senate seat in 1942 elections, and having an employee and/or friend of his daughter being Jewish could be a major setback in his chances as a United States senator.

Mary doesn't agree with this at all and begins seeing Jon in secret. Mary and Jon spend months keeping their relationship a secret from everyone. All is well until Mary is assaulted by a local boy and she is put into a coma, Jon takes the blame for the terrible act against Mary and is enlisted into the Army as his punishment, and is sent away not knowing if Mary will be ok or not. When Mary comes out of her coma Jon is away serving his country and has been told that Mary doesn't remember anything of the previous year, which means she has no recollection of Jon. Jon is heartbroken but continues on with his military training. Mary tries to return to a normal life or as normal as she can remember, when the events of the previous year comes back to her and she vows to find Jon and tell him how much she loves him.


I am so excited to bring this book to my readers. I was asked to read and review on behalf of the author. When I am asked to do that I never know if I am really going to enjoy the book or not. I generally stay away from historical fiction because honestly it is hit or miss. I either love it or hate it, but I have to tell you I absolutely love this story.

It is a beautifully told love story from the prospective of both parties. I was crazy about the main characters from the very beginning. I am pleased with how Mr. Steere created a wonderful love story without turning it into a cheap romance. I cannot say enough nice things about this book, but I hands down give it 5 out of 5 stars. If you want to read a beautiful and uplifting book this is definitely one I recommend!

I was giving one ecopy of this book for review purposes. I received no other compensation for this review.


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