Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Day After Yesterday

The Day After Yesterday
By Kelly Cozy



Daniel Whitman is a studio pianist and travel though out California, He does pretty well for himself so he and wife Sarah and young son Jacob live in the small college town of Los Cielos where his wife teaches. Sarah and Daniel have known each other since they were children and live next door to each other. Daniel was adopted and young age but once his parents had their own biological child Daniel was push away. That's when he met Sarah, she came from a large family and they took Daniel in as one of their own.


Daniel travels with his job and had done some work out of town most of his time is spent in California. Then he gets to opportunity to go to London to work with a prestige producer reluctant at first to leave home for so long he and Sarah decide it would be a great opportunity for him and chance to make some extra money. But Daniels life is torn apart when on his return he learns that his wife and son were killed after a tree toppled over their home during the Santa Ana’s. Daniels grief is intense and he blames himself for not being there and thinks all of their friends and family does as well. Depression really sets in and Daniel decides to disappear and try to make the pain and guilt go away.



I really enjoyed this book it is sweet story but it will definitely pull at your heart strings following the path with Daniel to his new life. The author really paints the picture very well, and made feel as I was right alongside Daniel the entire time. The only thing that bothered me was the ongoing tragedy and how it felt like Daniel just couldn't catch a break sometimes and how he never really forgave himself of what happened to his family, even after he mad leaps and bounds towards a new life without them.


Overall I would give these 4 out of 5 stars.

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