Saturday, November 10, 2012

What is The Sweetest Thing?

A while back I was searching for new books to read and reached out to my Facebook friends for suggestions. One of them recommended the author Elizabeth Musser. I read exclusively on my Kindle so I searched Amazon and came across this book.
The Sweetest Thing by Elizabeth Musser


It's 1933 in Atlanta; Perri Singleton is excited after hearing President Roosevelt speak on the radio. She believes there is hope for the terrible economy and for her father and his concerns over his failing bank. Perri is off to the train station to pick up the niece of her mother’s dear friend Mrs. Chandler. There she meets Mary Dobbs Dillard from Chicago, whom she decides is a most peculiar girl. Little does she know that tragedy will strike her family and present Perri with the most difficult challenges of her life.

Mary Dobbs, or just Dobbs her friends call her, and Perri become quick friends even though they come from vastly different backgrounds. Perri is accustomed to Atlanta society, while Dobbs has been living meekly and traveling with her family to spread the gospel. Through Dobbs teachings she tries to show Perri how to find her true meaning in life outside of Atlanta society.
While helping Perri, Dobbs finds herself in her own troubling mystery. Jewelry and other valuables from her Aunt Josie's house have gone missing and her aunts cook Anna has been sent to the Alms Houses for stealing them. Dobbs learns this all from Anna's daughter Parthenia who say she knows the person who stole the items, but is to scared to come forward and clear her mothers name. Dobbs is determined to find justice so Anna can leave the Alms Houses and return to her family.


I absolutely love this book; the characters are wonderfully well written and relatable. I like how the author tied in faith and has Perri and Dobbs test their faith at one time or another throughout the entire book. I think most would agree that we have all struggled with our faith at one time or another. Musser was able to turn such tragic events into life lessons.

I think she really showed how it was to live in Atlanta during this time period by showing how they lived in society life and others who lived outside society and the type of poverty they had to endure. Along with all the lessons that faith provides there is also a mystery inside the story. I thought it added depth to the book. And it was just the twist this story needed. I wasn't completely surprised with the ending it still made for compelling reading. After reading this book I definitely will be putting this on my list of all-time favorite books. 


  1. This is an excellent review. I will be adding this book to my TBR list!

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  2. I love that feeling after reading a great book.

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