Thursday, December 13, 2012

Milledgeville Misfit


14 year old Juniper Summerville has lost both her parents in a terrible car accident, which has also caused her to go mute around adults. She is being placed in the care of her Aunt and Uncle in their Milledgeville home, Dearborn.

When she arrives at the home is surprised to see that is a very old home and decrepit, and at one time it was an orphanage. Her first impression is that this place looks haunted. Juniper or June Bug, quickly finds that she is making friends with the other children who live in the house. She can speak to the children, but not her aunt and uncle.

She finds the time she spends with the children is helping her get over all her grief of being left alone without any parents.  Quickly Juniper gets caught up in mischief with some of the other children. She is very surprised that none of the other children will except blame for the trouble they cause her. So she is always the one to take the blame and the punishment.


I normally don’t read YA genre but I absolutely love this book, it is very short but I read the whole thing in one day. I really felt like I was sucked into Juniper's world and caught up in some of the trouble that she and children got themselves into. One of the things that I loved the most is the author is from Georgia, like myself and I loved all the references to local places because I could put myself in the places this made the characters more real for me. It was a great piece of writing and I would absolutely read a follow up to this book. I did have a few issues with the book but they are minor editing issues that I am sure could be fixed easily. I would definitely recommend this book! I give 4 out of 5 stars.

I was given 1 ebook copy from the author for review purposes. I didn't receive any other compensation.



  1. Well done and keep it up your good work.

  2. My friend read this and she loved it too! Although the cover doesn't seem particularly appealing, I guess it really must be hiding a great book inside! I think I shall give this a go!

    Catherine :)
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