Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Second Daughter

The Second Daughter by J. Jeffery


The book follows the lives of Theodore and Helen Gale from their initial meeting throughout most of their lives. Theodore and Helen begin there married life together and conceive their first daughter Regina, after the birth of their little girl they felt they had a perfect life; things were going quite well for them. Another year passes and they welcome another beautiful baby girl Debra into their crazy lives. Immediately Helen realizes she was not prepared for a second child, and to make matters worse her second baby was not as "easy" as the first. There were long sleepless nights and frustrating days but Helen and Theodore try to power through and move forward.

Like most people time for Theodore and Helen kept marching on. Their daughters were growing so fast and they couldn't seem to get along at all, which put major pressure on an already rocky marriage. Debra finds that early life with her mother is difficult and seems to be the odd one out with her sister. She finds that her father tries to give her the love and affection she is missing in her life but realizes that he is quick to put his family aside for his own personal gain. Though through the years Debra finds a closer relationship with her mother and this pleases her to no end.


This is a wonderful book; I had no trouble following the lives of the Gale family through all the ups and downs of life. The author told a beautiful story of a true American family with great perspective. Most interesting to me was just the normal everyday lives of the rich characters. I figure most women would relate closely to the mother daughter dynamic since both daughters are so different. You could probably say that you were one of the daughters at some point in your life.
I do have a few small idiosyncrasies that bugged me through the entire book (this might be my own personal issues but none the less they bugged me.) Nowhere in the book does it the book tell you the city or state the Gales lived in. This might be a minor issue to some but on my own personal level but it was very difficult for me to wrap my mind around places the family went and where they lived. There is one other thing that I have to mention. Only one place in the entire book does the author tell you what year it is, this again was very troublesome to because the book jumps around in time quite often and it left me confused about the sequence of events. Overall though the books was very moving and a very heartwarming story. I would definitely have to give it 4 out of 5 stars.

I was provided 1 eBook copy of the book in return for the review. I received no other compensation.


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