Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Mother Load

So this week I am reading from my own reading list some things that I picked up. Sorry for the delay between reviews I have had my another new adventure come my way that I am super excited about, I am going to be working from home part time. This is going to fit right in to what I have been doing for the last four months and I am looking forward to having another "purpose". Hope everybody has been doing well and getting the New Year off to a great start.






Following the family of Sophie Ellison this book is a nice look at a "normal" family. It follows Sophie, her sister Emma, and her sister in law Bridget. Sophie is a former lawyer now stay at home mom with two little rambunctious children Owen 7 and Molly 5. Molly is just starting out school and getting her 5th birthday out of the way. Sophie is trying to get her household to run smoothly but finds it quite difficult with a 5 year old hanging from your leg and a mother in law who is anything but supportive.

Emma is a 40 year old single mom just trying to raise her soon to be teenage son. It stays pretty busy being a school teacher, mom, trying to keep her younger sister out of trouble and away from their rather gruff and grumpy father who also lives with her. Dating is almost always a disaster and she couldn't remember the last time anyone was even remotely interested. She compensates by spending most of her free time with her sister and her family, while her sister tries desperately to help her get her love life back on track.

Bridget is a pediatrician who is recently married and trying very hard to cut back her hours so she can start her own family. She and her husband have had quite a bit of trouble conceiving, so they start fertility treatments. Treatments and crazy work schedule just seem to be adding more stress to the situation instead of the other way around.


I really enjoy these types of books with just a light look about how a family runs. It's a nice change of pace from a lot of more serious stuff that I read, so I like to throw these in sometimes just to mix things up. This one was really good and I liked it for the most part except for a couple of minor details when the book was a little crude for my taste and didn't really keep up with the rest of the dialog. I would give this book 3 out of 5 stars and would recommend to most anyone looking for something a bit more relaxed to read.


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